Sunday, December 5, 2010

Some videos

First off, a couple quick videos of one of the little white pueblos in the country... it's so hard to capture the vibe of these little villages in just a couple of shots, but at least I got the kid at the fountain and the donkeys which are more prevalent in the street than cars.  here goes:

EDIT: I should add, on the fountain here how it says ano 1974, everything here was renamed in 74/75 because of the death of Franco.

I also made a couple videos of the kids this morning because they were being really cute and because I'm going to miss them a lot...
Erica and Javierito hiding under the covers:

I was trying to get Javi to speak, but he knew I was filming him and got really shy....he is actually an excellent talker, and usually when he sees the cat he gets really excited and goes "MAO MAO MEOWW"

 Some random shots of the area:

Roof of my building

I am going to make posts of France and England at some point, I promise.  Maybe.  Hopefully.

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